Demo Medical Centre

123 Demo Street, Test Town, AB12 3CD

Current time is 21:49 - Sorry, we're currently closed. Please call NHS 111


Telephone: 0123 456 789

Fax: 0123 456 789


We have several GPs that operate on different days of the week. On a daily basis, we have several ‘on the day’ appointments available, and also several pre-bookable appointments which can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.

For an ‘on the day’ appointment, we advise that you call us as close to 8am as possible, when we open, for the best chance of securing an appointment with a clinician of your choice. Unfortunately, an appointment on the same day is not a guarantee.

If there is something that the GP can help you with over the telephone, we’d be more than happy to pass a message on for you and request that the GP call you back at a suitable time.


Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:00 until 20:00
  • Tuesday
    08:00 until 18:30
  • Wednesday
    08:00 until 18:30
  • Thursday
    08:00 until 20:00
  • Friday
    08:00 until 18:30
  • Saturday
  • Sunday